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Perfectly Integrated Timber Flooring- An Ideal Alternative for Colors, Shades, Patterns, Designs, and Quality! Now, Represent Your Style through Inspiring Flooring!

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Flooring Company NSW

Sanding Including Polishing

Petrel Sydney Flooring focuses on customer satisfaction and this is why we strive to meet your needs through our well-trained professionals. Our tools are equipped with the latest technologies that ensure quality services for flooring, sanding, and polishing services. We assure you that you will get quality-oriented services at affordable costs. We never varnish flooring without vacuuming the surface. For trusted floor sanding services anywhere in Sydney, feel free to connect with us.

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Best Flooring Company in NSW

Supply & Install

Petrel Sydney Flooring has expertise in the supply, distribution, and installation of each type of timber floors for indoor and outdoor décor. Our services include laminate floors, pre-finished solid timbers, raw solid timber floors, European oak timber floors, timber decking, engineered timber floors, bamboo floors, hardwood floor and vinyl flooring. Your specific needs are crucial, and we pride ourselves on tailoring our services according to your preferences.

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Best Flooring Company in NSW

Welcome to Petrel Sydney, the best flooring company in New South Wales and Sydney region. Your dream home deserves the best and the most aesthetically pleasing Flooring that will not only match your décor but also enhance the ambience of your home. Be it indoor or outdoor setup, Petrel Sydney is here to help you with all of your flooring concerns.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Experts in Sydney

Our services include Sanding, Polishing and Flooring. Using the latest technology, our team of well-trained professionals will ensure that you get the best flooring options at affordable prices. The flooring options available to you are laminate floors, pre-finished solid timbers, raw solid timber floors, European oak timber floors, timber decking, engineered timber floors, and bamboo floors. You can pick and choose any kind of flooring option you need or even create a combination of flooring options from our available catalogue.

For the best and the most diverse flooring options in Sydney please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Floor Sanding Services in Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Our Floor Sanding Services can be trusted because we have been able to develop the right skills, knowledge, and expertise required for this job from years of experience. Petrel Sydney has got you everything that is required to create and maintain a beautiful flooring.

Flooring Company in NSW
Integrated Timber Flooring

We Deliver Timber Floor Standing Supplies

Your needs are important to us and Petrel Sydney Flooring displays all types of prominent products to serve your flooring purposes. With decades of experience and knowledge, we strive to bring the best possible flooring solutions to help you meet your décor needs in an instant. We keep our focus on providing effective solutions through quality products. With friendly and well-trained staff, we assist you in dealing with all the challenges and let you take advantage of timber floors.