If you are looking for specified flooring solutions, engineered timber flooring is indeed a good choice. For a perfect aesthetic appeal, you should choose engineered timber boards that look fine and create a sophisticated look in your home. Petrel Sydney Flooring is here to here to help you execute your idea of installing a wood floor in your residence space. With beautifully designed layers of wood, the engineered timber board brings oodles of benefits.

Engineered timber flooring, as the name suggests is a synthetically made blend of flooring consists of two or more layers of wood adhered together to form a plank.

Timber Flooring Services in NSW

At Petrel Sydney Engineered timber flooring in Sydney, Our engineered timber is constructed from multiple layers of wood. Each of the layers is arranged in a separate direction, this manufacturing method allows the timber form bending and warping in areas with a lot of moisture. As a bonus, because engineered timber is made from reclaimed or scrapped wood, we reduce the burden on the Earth. If you are looking for timber flooring services and contractors in Sydney you can visit us at Petrel Sydney.

Timber Flooring Contractors in Sydney

Another feature of Petrel Sydney Engineered timber is its vibration absorbing quality which lends itself well for the construction of a theatre room or a room in need of Soundproofing.

Our engineered floors hold true to the natural beauty of the hardwood floors and can even be customized to better fit the decor of your residence. Beautifully designed engineered floors and the warm and cosy aura it adds to your residence will be the proof that you made the right choice in trusting us with our flooring needs.

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